Are You Holding To The Belief You Can't Make Money Online ? Read This.

Monday, 21 November 2011 By Charlly

      I always laugh at those who hold the belief that you must be duping people online if you claim to be earning money on net.I see this kind of people as those who are old fashioned,old skool.I wonder with the kind of awareness that are been raised on how you can be making lot of money online,they are still holding to that kind of belief.

    Things had changed from what it was some years ago,we are in new world.If you are one of those that still hold onto that belief,you are missing lot of good stuffs.

   Believe me,you can make more than what you are earning right now.If you don't know,people are making $10,000 online monthly which is N1,500,000 ( One Million,Five Hundred Thousand Naira ),if you are from Nigeria.
    The person that created Facebook started that site from nothing.He was once like you.His planning and determination made the site,the best and most popular social site it is today.If he did hold to the belief that,there is no money to make online,he wouldn't be as rich as he is right now.
     You need to get out of that belief right now and join me in making money on net.I am here to help you out.Help was what those who got scammed online when they first tried to earn online didn't get.Help was what i didn't get when i lost over $500 ( N75,000 ) to HYIP Programs some years ago.
    Right now,i have the experience and i know the steps to take,the right programs to work on first and increase your knowledge on how to earn online.You only need to spend time online and on those programs to know more.
            Believe me,millions are using internet as their main earning source.Many that lost their jobs some years ago when the economy was bad,had turned to internet for survival and they are living fine.You get to Google,you will read lot of stories on that and i have met some of them from programs i am working on.
     It is time,you wake up from your slumber.Are you earning what can't sustain you and your family ? Are you a student and wants to stop depending entirely on your parents or you have no one to help you,take the right step now by joining me to make money online.I stopped working for my father to concentrate on earning online a year ago and i am living fine.I am not begging before i eat.
      There are thousand of ways to make money online without involving yourself in Yahoo Yahoo business or duping innocent people.You only need to make your research or get help from those who are experienced and work on the program you choose.You may not get the desired result at the early stage but as time goes on,you will be surprise with what you will be getting.
             Some of the ways to make honest money online are :

1....Working on Paying Social sites.There are social sites out there,that you can use the same way you are using Facebook and you will be earning money for free.No upgrading is necessary or membership fee of any kind.
    Facebook is using you to enrich itself.You are constantly using the site but what are you getting ? Nothing.Millions of dollars is what the site is generating daily.They won't pay any of that to you.Do spend part of those hours you are spending on Facebook with the paying social sites and you will be earning money.
          Posting on walls,post comments,add friends,send message,refer new people,add blog,add photo and video,chat live with other members etc will be earning you money.

2....You can make money posting comments on Paying Forum sites,i mean paying ones.I have earned over $400 within some months through this program.Apart from earning money on them,you will also be able to know other ways to earn online because the main topic of discussion is how to make money online.You will also meet people all over the world to befriend.
                       Paying Forum sites is a good community of honest people.You can exchange ecurrencies ( Online money in your Alertpay,Paypal,Libertyreserve etc Account ) with one another without encountering any problem.You will be able to get referrals for other programs you are working on by promoting them on the forum sites.

3....Investing with sites is another way to make more money.You need to know,there are lot of fraudulent sites called HYIP ( High Yield Investment Programs ),you need to avoid them.I once lost over $500 ( N75,000 ) to them when i tried to earn money online for the first time some years ago.There are still some honest HYIP sites but you can hardly find 2 out of 10.The investment sites i am writing about here are sites,that are promising,sites with good plans.I know of one that will earn you $53 for $5 investment and another one that will earn you $110 for $30 investment.They are proven ones with lot of proves of payments.
              Investing online is one of the easiest way to earn online,you only need to invest and withdraw your profits weekly.Referring others will also increase your earnings because you will be paid a certain percentage of whatever they invested.The ones i know of are paying daily,you asked for it today and it will be paid this same day.One is even paying within thirty minutes of asking for the payment.That is the fastest payment i have ever got online.

4....You can make money from writing articles,stories.Some sites will be paying you money to write articles for them.You can make lot of money from this.One article or story can earn you $100 or more.

5....You can make money by allowing Advertisers to use your website or blog to advertise their programs ( Adsense etc ).

6....You can make money selling other people's stuffs or products which is called Marketing.

7....You can make money writing or producing ebooks.

8....Buying abandoned or expired websites or domain names at the rate of $10 and then rebuild or develop it,can earn you more than $500 if you sell it.

9....You can earn money just for using your computer or staying online.

10....Participating in Auctioning programs is another good way to earn online.You can get a laptop for $50 and sell it at the rate of $500.

11....Doing some tasks and signing up for offers and answering surveys questions ( This is mostly meant or targeted to those in countries like United State of America,Canada,United Kingdom.But you can still make money by playing games from those that has that option ) is another way to make money online.

12....You can earn from working on Paid to Upload sites.You can upload Musics,Movies,Software etc and share the link with friends.

13....You can earn lot of money from Trading Tags.Tags are ordinary words like Money,Internet,Earn,Online,Good,Advertise,Post etc.There is a site where you can be buying and selling these kind of words.These are words that brings people to advertisers online.Words like Money,Earn,Internet are among the most expensive Tags because a day cannot pass without people using it on Search Engines.They are the ones that advertisers always target.On the site i am talking about,those words costs $800,$500.If you can buy one of it,you can hold it.The word will be earning you money and you can sell it at a much higher price.
              This may seem strange to you but when you visit the site,everything will be clear to you.This is the program i intend to concentrate on later.I can make $1,000 plus monthly from it.I have seen lot of proves of payments much higher than that amount.

14....You can also earn from selling pictures online.Your Camera can earn you millions of dollars.You only need to take pictures and upload them online and send them to sites that will buy them from you.

15....You can earn from uploading pictures and send the links out for people to view them.The more they view the pictures,the more your earnings.

16....Posting Ads or advertising people's programs or products is another way to earn online.

17....You can be paid to answer and ask questions.

18....You can be paid to Chat online.

19....Blogging is another way to earn online.Millions of people are using this method.You can make $10,000 monthly from this program alone.

20....You can use Twitter to earn good money online.

21....Forex Trading is a good program to make money from.This program is generating millions of dollars for people.

22....If you don't know,shopping is another good way to earn money.Some sites will pay you to shop online.

23....Are you someone who loves playing games ? You can earn good money from this activity.

24....You can earn money from Casino and Betting online.You can bet on soccer matches.

25....You can make money from reviewing products.

26....You can make money entering data or filling forms.

27....Freelancing is another good way to make money online.If you have any skill,you can put it to use and it will earn you money online.

28....You can make money from tutoring.

29....You can make money from searching online.

30....You can work as a Virtual Assistant and make good money.

31....Reading Messages or Clicking on Ads or Links ( Paid To Click ) is another way to make money online but you need to be extra careful because there are lot of PTC sites that will scam you.There are some honest ones but they are rare.You can't just jump to working on this program without getting help.

                    Believe me,there are lot of ways to earn online.I can't list them all.There are still some ways you will consider unbelievable or funny.Is it Get Paid To Listen to Musics or Rate Musics,Listen to Radio,Paid To Drive your Car with Advert on It,that you won't find funny ? The truth is people are making good money from them.
               You get over to Google to get more ways you can earn online.Type" List of Ways To Make Money Online 2011 ".You will see lot of ways you never imagine but do be careful.Not all programs are what they are claimed to be.You need someone to guide you.I can do that if you let me.
      So,if you want to get out of that old belief that no one can earn money online,be an ardent visitor to this blog site to know the steps to take.You can as well subscribe to my blog posts.

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