This Site Will Pay You To Socialize,Search Online,Complete Daily Tasks,Refer New Members,Participate In Its Auctioning Program,Trade and Own Tags.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 By Charlly

        Yes,this site will pay you money if you socialize,search for information through its search engine,complete daily tasks,refer new members,participate in its auctioning program,trade and own tags all for free.
           It is a registered company and is donating 10% of its revenue every week to charities voted by members.It had been mandated to do this,it is built into the by-laws of it's incorporation charter.A site that is doing this,is not a small company or site.If you check proves of payment from members,you will see people earning $1,700,$2,500,$3,000 every week from the site.
     All country can sign up and earn money and you are not required to pay anything before you earn.You can use its socializing program,daily task,referring new member to raise money and participate in its auctioning and tag trading program.If you like,you can work only on its socializing,completing daily tasks program and withdraw the earnings from that.

                              Like i mentioned earlier,all country can sign up and earn free money.Method of payment are :

i. Alertpay


iii.Credit Card ( The site is having its own Master Card which you can apply for and use to withdraw your earnings ).

                                    With these method of payments,you won't have any problem getting your money out,no matter where you are.If your country is not allowed to use Paypal,Alertpay is there for you to use.You won't have problem if your Alertpay is verified or not.
              This site is a Four in One ( 4 in 1 ) site,in the sense that,it combines the programs of :

1.Facebook - socializing

2. Google - searching online through the use of its Search Engine.

3. eBay - Bidding or auctioning program.

4.Kooday - Trading and owning Tags ( keywords )

            into one.You can do all you will be doing on these four sites on it and you will be earning money.

   Let me explain this in a way you will understand :
                    The site is a place where you can do all activities on the four sites listed at once.You do not need to visit google before you can search for information online,you don't need to visit Facebook before you can socialize or update your facebook wall post or status,you don't need to get over to ebay or other auctioning sites before you can participate in bidding or auctioning sites,you don't need to get over to Kooday before you can start earning money from trading tags ( keyword ).All these can be done on this site at once.Whatever update you want to post to your Facebook,can be done through this site and it will appear on Facebook at once.All these activities will be earning you money for free.

      You will be earning money for :

1.Socializing - so far,you have used Facebook before,you should not have any problem on socializing on this site.

  Sharing Photos
 Liking Pages
 Giving Thumps Up
 Chatting with Other Members
 Posting on Walls
 Adding Friends 
                                 are some of the socializing activities that will be earning you good money on the site.You need to know that,the site is using Points for all member's activities which will be converted to cash at 12 midnight everyday.
    This site can be used to work on your own Facebook.You can post on the site and it will appear on your Facebook page or wall which will be seen by all your friends.The photo you uploaded will also appear in your Facebook account.

2.Searching Online - Using the site's Search Engine will be earning you money as well.Whenever you need information online,get over to the site search engine and use it.Each search means money.

3.Auctioning Program - This program is called " Bazaar " on the site.Through the program,you can be a proud owner of a Home Theater that will cost $1,500 with just 10cents ( $0.10 ).
  Yes,this is real.With some little money,you can purchase or be a proud owner of products that will cost thousands of dollars to get.This is another benefit of being a member of this site.

4.Trading and Owning Tags ( Words ) - This is another program from the site which members are using to make money.It involves buying and selling Tags ( tags are words ).the cost of buying the site's tags start from 10cents ( $0.10 ). After you had bought the Tag,it will be earning you money whenever advertisers use the word in their adverts.This site will pay you 20% of what the advertiser paid to use the site.You will also earn money when another member buy the tag from you.You will earn 30% of the purchased price.If the cost of the tag you owned is $10, anyone that wants to buy it will have to $13.You get your money back and $3 profit.You don't need to ask the Tag owner before you buy Tags,it is automatic.
    For you to start buying and selling Tags,you need to purchase Credits from the site.Credits is what you will be using for all your purchases.One credit equals $1.The minimum credit you can purchase is five ( 5 ). So you need to fund your account with $5 which can be done through your Alertpay or Paypal or your Master Card.You can use the site's other programs to raise money for the Tag trading.

  Apart from the 30% profit,you will also earn points from your Tag trading which will be converted to cash at midnight.If you want to own tags,you must search for it from the ' Get Tag Link " on the site.You will be shown a search engine where you will type the word you want to buy.The result will show you the word and the amount.The tag can be " sex or boy or money or house or phone " .From the result,if you feel you can buy the tag,you can go ahead and pay for the tag and own it,if you can't pay for the tag,search for another one you can pay for.

5.Earn money using your Website or Blog - If you own a website or blog site,you can submit it to this site and they will display adverts from their advertisers on it.Whenever someone click on it,you will earn money,that is 50% of what the advertiser paid.

6. Earn from Referrals - Referring new members is another great way to earn money from this site.You will be earning 5% of whatever your referrals are earning daily.Even if you are not actively using the site,the fact that,you are able to get people to the site through your referral link,you will be earning big money daily.They will be the one working for you.

 If your referral win a TV that cost $2,000 with just $0.10 on this site's auction program,you will be paid $100 which is the 5% of the actual cost of the TV.

      The above are what you will be earning from.You can see,it is not that difficult to work and earn on the site.Owning a website or blog will be a bonus.It will be earning you more money.
   By the way,if there is any charity organization that the site can donate money to in your country,you can add it to the site.You need to get it voted to be consider for donation from the site.Get other members to vote for it.
   If there is someone or a family that something bad happened to,you can help such person or family by adding them to the list charities this site can donate money to.What you are submitting must be genuine and have a legit way of getting the donation.

     That is all about this site.It is not a scam site,it looks promising and will exist for a long because it was built for the future.The earlier you join now and let the money start rolling in,the better.

      Click " Sign Up " to join now.

                            If you have any question to ask me,you can do that through

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