This Is The Best Social Site That Lot of People Are Earning Thousands of Dollars From.

Thursday, 16 February 2012 By Charlly

If you have been looking for what to do online and earn thousands of Dollars or a site that can be your main source of income,you don't need to look any further.This social site had been paying thousands of dollars to lot of people for months now.
                   It is a social networking site and is having 6 programs or ways that members can use to earn good money.The program was created in such a way that all member will be earning money from it.You cannot lose at all.

                             Below are the things that will be earning you money :

i.Posting Comments on Profile's Wall.
ii.Messaging people or friends.
iii.Adding people to friend's list.
iv.Adding Photos and Video.
v.Creating Blog or Post Message.
vi.Referring New Members to the site.
vii.Joining and Creating Groups
viii.Posting Comments on Group Walls.

                      As you can see,there is nothing difficult to do when it comes to working on the site.You must have used Facebook before,you will be doing exactly what you do in there on this site.The only difference is,you will be earning money for those activities.
           As someone who is wishing to be making money online,you need to join this site.Apart from earning for your activities,you will be learning other ways to make money online.All the people on the site are Online Earners,you can seek for their help in getting other ways to make money online.
  As soon as you've joined up,you will be getting messages and friend's requests from them.Most of the messages will be on other ways of earning online.This will really boost your knowledge.You can also use the site to advertise your programs or services to thousands of members for free.Like i mentioned before,you cannot lose with this site.

                          There are three types of Membership.They are :


i.  Magician -  is a kind of Membership on the site that is completely free,As soon as you have sign up and confirmed your e-mail,you will be having the Magician status.As a Magician,you can only earn money if you refer someone to the site who upgrade to " Wizard ' membership.You will be given $3 for that.You won't earn anything for your social activities.

 ii. Pixie : This type of Membership cost only $5.It won't earn you anything for your social activities but you will earn from referring new members that upgraded and the site Matrix Program.

  iii.Genie ; This type of Membership cost only $10.It won't earn you anything too,for your social activities but will earn you money from its Matrix program and referring new members that upgraded to either Pixie,Genie or Wizard.

    You will be earning 50cents ( $0.50 ) whenever new people join the site after you.It doesn't matter if you refer them or not.This is the earning from its matrix program.

iv. Wizard - You should move for this type of Membership if you wants to be earning lot of money online.You can never lose your money as a Wizard because you will be earning money from six programs,the site is having.All you need to do is upgrade to this status and the money will be coming in.Wizard Membership only cost $20.

         As a Wizard,you will be earning money from  :

A.Socializing - Those social activities like posting comments,adding friends etc will be earning you points which will be converted to Raw cash at the end of the month.The maximum points a member can get in a month is 6,000.This is the maximum point,that can be changed to money in a month.If you are able to get that amount,you will be paid more than $200.If you are only able to get 2,000 points,you will still make good money that will be more than what you paid to get the Wizard Membership.

B.Matrix Program - This is where you will be getting lot of money for being a member of the site.You will be making 50cents ( $0.50 ) whenever new people join the site.It does not matter if you brought them in or not.You can earn more than $1,000 from this alone in a month.

C. Referring New Members - You will be making $3 on all new members that joined the site through your referral link and upgrade to either Pixie or Genie or Wizard.

D.The site's revenue from Investment sites - The site administrator did invested with an investment site and 50% of the revenue or money generated from it will be shared among those having Wizard status.

      All these are some of the ways,Wizard will be earning money on the site.This proves that you,should move for this type of Membership and be earning huge money every month.Method of payment on the site are through Alertpay and Paypal and your earnings will be paid on the first week of the following month.

         You can check proves from those that had earned money from the site.Many families now rely on it for their sustenance.Like i mentioned earlier,you cannot lose what you paid.Do not just signed up and stay a Magician on the site,upgrade to Genie or Wizard in order to get the full  benefits of being a member.

                                                                   Sign Up.

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