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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 By Charlly

If you are looking for a program to make money from without any investment or paying any money,you should join this one.It is completely free.No money is required from you to start earning money from it and there is no upgrade needed as well.Everything on the site are completely free.

     One of the benefit of signing up for the site is that,you will be paid $10 for free.You don't need to do anything at all for you to get this money.All that is required from you is to just sign up and the $10 will be yours.

      If you want to make more money from the site,you need to be checking the messages from the site that will be send to your email inbox.Each messages will be earning you money and they are all having different rate. Some will pay you 1cent,5cents and more.

     I can say i have only read 10 emails and i have already made more than 30cents.This is not the kind of site that will be paying you $0.0005 or that will take you eternity to reach its minimum payout or make tangible money from.This is one is quite different.

The moment you sign up and confirmed the Activation link sent to your email address,your earnings had started.You will see the $10 in your account.

      After your signing up,you will then be getting messages from the site which you must click on for you to be getting paid more money. The messages are from advertisers that wants to use the site to promote their products to the world.The site right now is having over One Hundred and Seventeen Thousand ( 117,000 plus ) members and still growing. A lot of people are joining up everyday.The site is getting more popular everyday.

        If you have anything to advertise as well,you can use the site to do that.You can start with just $10 and your message or advert will be broadcasted to 2000 members.I tried that and i got lot of people who signed up for the program i promoted on it. Within hours,my advert had already gotten 200 plus clicks.People are really rushing its messages.It is a good place to place your adverts.

          If you want,you can allow your adverts to be read by all members,i mean from all country or you can target those in Europe and US or US only. Whatever option you choose,you won't be disappointed.

    Regarding the emails or messages,your email won't be flooded or be bombarded with messages like it is being done on Safelist sites.You will only be getting something like five to ten emails daily

      I do love the way the admin is running the program.I made a mistake with my advert and i wrote him using the site's support,within minutes he replied me and made the correction that i wanted.

No matter the issue you may be having on the site,just write the admin and you will be attended to,within minutes.

  There are lot of payment methods available that you can use to  request your earnings.

And apart from the earnings from reading its emails or messages,you will also make money from its :

Revenue Sharing Program

     It is also sharing its advertising revenue with members for free.This is another source of money for you as its member.

Retirement Program

      This is another program from the site that you will be making money from for free.

Free Softwares and E-books

       As its member,you will have the opportunity of downloading softwares from it and get free ebooks as well.

$1 for Referring New Members.

     Yes,you will be paid $1 for referring new members to the site.This is a good way too,to make more money from it.

Exposure To Other Programs

     Another benefit is,you will be exposed to other ways or programs you can make money from.Reading those messages,you will surely see the programs that will entice you which you will join and  make money from.

You may be asking how does the site makes its money ? It does that from what advertisers are paying them to get their messages or advert broadcasted to their members.

  Here is an update about that :

        First - you may be thinking - how do we get the money to pay you if you do not have to sell anything? That's because we do the selling for you. We sell advertising and advertisers will pay us for the privilege of sending you email advertisements. The most marketable product on the internet is advertising. Billions and billions of dollars are spent every year on internet advertising and that will keep on increasing every year. Now you know where we get the money to pay you.

Now that you know where all the money will be coming from, we are going to show you how we will disburse it. Here is how we structured our disbursement of ALL funds:

    60% is paid out to members for reading emails
     10% goes to the Revenue Sharing Pool
    10% goes to the Retirement Pool
    10% goes out as bonuses for referrals
    10% goes 5% for operations and 5% profits

     That totals 100%. Our system is fully automated so these will be disbursed automatically every time an advertising purchase is made.

  This is a good program for you to make money completely free,i mean without paying anything and if you an advertiser or you want to get referrals for your programs,sign up for this site and use it.

    Sign Up :


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