Get Paid For Receiving Text Messages For Free.

Friday, 25 November 2011 By Charlly

Textcashnetwork is a new site that is promising to pay everyone that sign up and agree to be receiving adverts text messages on their Mobile Phone everyday.You can choose the number of text messages you wish to be receiving from 1 to 5 T.C.N.Text Messages everyday.Each message you receive will earn you 5cents and you have the chance to increase your earnings by getting commission for referring new people and for those that your referral referred up to 10 level.
      The site started its Pre-launch operation on 11/11/2011 and hope to fully launch or officially launch on 12/12/2011 at 12 Noon.Textcashnetwork had made records for it was ranked among the top 1,000 plus sites on Alexa after coming online for just 12 days.On the 12th day,46,000 people who are called Agents had signed up.

    As a member of this site,you will be making money for :

1. Receiving Text Messages

2. Referring New Members.

           The full detail are :

A. Register for 100% free.
                   Register at the T.C.N Website of the person who referred you.Receive your 100% free T.C.N Referral and Benefits Website.It includes revenue sharing software that will list every single T.C.N.Referral Agents within your 10 Referral Levels for Benefits and Revenue Sharing.

B. Receive Text Messages
                  To receive T.C.N.Benefits and Revenue Sharing,you will need to agree to receive up to 5 text messages daily. You can control the time of day you receive such messages. You can pause or stop such text messages at anytime.

C. Help Get The Word Out
                T.C.N. has set up in your back office a simple system to help T.C.N. get the word out about their FREE Services & Benefits for Referral Agents and Members. Maximum time needed to follow the Get The Word Out System is 5 Minutes... Many can do it in less than 3 Minutes. This will also help you to build your personal referral team. This is simpler than having 2 or 3 friends on Facebook. In fact you should post your URL for your T.C.N. Website on your Facebook Page ASAP.

D. Earn Revenue Sharing.
                T.C.N. shares it's text revenue with it's T.C.N. Referral Agents using a 10 Level Referral Reward System. T.C.N. will pay up to $1.50 monthly per member, up to 10 Levels of Referrals, who agree to receive 1 to 5 T.C.N. Texts Daily. It is simple to do the math to estimate Revenue Sharing. Here are two mathematical examples of maximum revenue sharing. A 2x10 Referral Structure Pays A Maximum Earnings of $76.75 Per Day or $2,302.50 Per Month plus Matching Bonuses. A 3x10 Maximum Earnings = To High Of A Dollar Figure To Put In Print. Remember there is no limit to the number of Referral Agents or Members you can refer to T.C.N.

E. Enjoy and Share the Fruits of Your Labor!

The official launching facts are :

12/12/2011 at 12 Noon will be The Official Launch of Text Cash Network. This will be the 1st day we are officially open for business,making Daily Deals Available; Selling Coupons from 40 or more Major Daily Deal Sites; Selling VIP Packages; Signing up Business Advertising Accounts along with a host of many other opportunities. Including The 120 day Text Power-Share System. Allowing Agents and Members a chance to revenue share with IN HOUSE SALES to Small and Big Business who wish to implement an Advertising Program to our Member/Agent Base.

12/12/2011 will also be the date we begin to enforce the "Get The Word Out" Advertising System. Currently no one is obligated to participate in Step #3 of our 5 Step Success Formula. However it would be wise for you to start using the system to begin placing your ads for FREE all over the World. It will help you drive traffic to your personal T.C.N. Website. We will also have designed banner ads and advertisements for you to sign up FREE Members who just wish to participate in our Daily Deals. When we see our current 45,000 Referral Agent database we see over 450,000 to 900,000 Free Members who will want to take advantage of the best Daily Deal System in the world.

12/23/2011 will be our 1st PAY DAY from all bonuses earned by midnight, Friday on 12/16/2011. You will have many choices to receive your earned bonuses. Everything from Global Exchange to your personal T.C.N. Pay Card.

01/09/2011 will introduce to the world The T.C.N. Global Mall where Members/Agents can shop at 50% plus discounts. All products and services sold will be commission-able in The POWER-GRID & POWER-LINE.

The above timelines are very conservative but in concrete. Of course they can be introduced earlier but not a day later.

Prior to The Whisper Launch our goal was:
1st Quarter 2012 / 30,000 Referral Agents / 300,000 Members

With 46,000 Referral Agents in 12 Days our goals for the year may just happen in the 1st Month of 2012.

This is another BOMB on the rise.From what i have seen,it may turn out to be a rival to Amazon and eBay.The good thing is,all members will be earning money so far you agree to be receiving their text messages.
     It will be one of the best decision of your life if you join now and be among the first to be paid on 23rd of December 2011.Do not wait for proves of payment because by the time you sign up,it will be too late.There are alot of bonuses you can benefit from and those that joined earlier will have the chance of making lot of money from them all.

   Bonuses Like :

1.Level 10 Power-Grid Compensation Program

2. Power Grid Bonuses from the sale of coupons,products or services.

3.Power-Line Bonuses

4.Power-Share Bonuses

5.Power-MATCH Bonuses.

    Don't forget,there will be TextCashNetwork Global mall on 01/09/2012 where everyone can shop at 50% discounts.Can you believe that ?
   50% discounts ? This is not an auction program but shopping.You need to join up now and secure your position among the top members.It is 100% free and all country are accepted.As for your country phone network,you don't need to worry about that,from what i read,the officials of the site had been working on it for the past two years.I checked my country,Nigeria and our networks are among those that can receive Text Messages but not all Nigerian Networks can do this.They did promised to work on adding more as time goes on.
                     The ones we Nigerians can use are :





       Indians Can use :








  Philippines can use :


ii.Bayan Wireless

iii.Digitel Mobile / sun Cellular.

     If you are not from any of the three countries above,go to the site and check for the network your country can use.
    You can see,the officials had done excessive work in making sure all countries joined up.You have nothing to loose if you sign up now.The earlier the better.

Note this :

         You won't be able to go to your back office on the site until you have confirmed your account by clicking the activation link sent to your email when you signed up and include the phone network of your country you want to use and also add your Home or Office address.
   If you don't have any of the available networks for your country,you can still earn by referring people to the site.

                                            Register Now :


Some of the Updates  from This Site are :

Text Cash Network on Day #39 will BREAK another WORLD-WIDE Networking Record with 150,000 Referral Agents and Growing!


Text Cash Network Inc. signs an exclusive agreement with a Billion Dollar Nasdaq Company - To "GIVE AWAY" 1,000,000 ($200 Value Added Cards) accepted by over 50,000 locations in the U.S.A. regarding over 10,000 Products. This is the largest product / service acquisition for a company in pre-launch.

This is in addition to T.C.N. Securing over Fifty Million Dollars in Inventory from Entrust America which is now the 2nd largest product / service acquisition, for a company in pre-launch.


The T.C.N. Numbers Tell The True Story of Making Global History. In 2012 T.C.N. expects "One Million Agents + Twenty Million Members". In 2012 T.C.N. expects to open 20 International Offices. There are still over 5 Billion People who have not heard of Text Cash Network.



OVER 100 Have Built PGT Teams of 1000+ Agents.
PR = Personally Referred
PGT = Power-Grid Ten Level Teams

Joe Reid / PR / 88 / PGT / 75769
David Reid / PR / 124 / PGT / 59397
David Sherman / PR / 82 / PGT / 58592
Ancel Fernandes / PR / 75 / PGT / 43264
HupS Eng / PR / 77 / PGT / 42878
Aslam Jawaid / PR / 126 / PGT / 23786
Sherm Mason / PR / 111 / PGT / 20559
Azwar Munir Goreja / PR / 36 / PGT / 15630
DPS INC / PR / 823 / PGT / 11336
Yogesh Subhanand / PR / 129 / PGT / 10086
Bipin Shah / PR / 50 / PGT / 9884
Sky Sirewest / PR / 54 / PGT / 9684
KHALID RAJA Mehmood / PR / 77 / PGT / 9355

Every International Referral Agent should be in their T.C.N. Back Office and clicking on "MY AD PLATFORM" and spend 3 minutes using "The GET THE WORD OUT ADVERTISING SYSTEM" to advertise for FREE in The USA.

One agent has placed over 100 ads using "The GET THE WORD OUT ADVERTISING SYSTEM" and has personally referred over 800 Referral Agents and built a 10 Level Team of over 11,300 Referral Agents.

Additional record breaking personal referral numbers:

1000+ Referred 25 or more Referral Agents.
600+ Referred 30 or more Referral Agents.
450+ Referred 35 or more Referral Agents.
350+ Referred 40 or more Referral Agents.
250+ Referred 50 or more Referral Agents.
125+ Referred 75 or more Referral Agents.
80+ Referred 100 or more Referral Agents.
40+ Referred 150 or more Referral Agents.
15+ Referred 200 or more Referral Agents.
9 Referred 300 or more Referral Agents.
5 Referred 350 or more Referral Agents.
1 Referred 434 or more Referral Agents.
1 Referred 823 or more Referral Agents.


11/01/2011 - T.C.N. Starts "The Whisper Launch"
11/11/2011 - T.C.N. Starts "The Official Prelaunch"
11/28/2011 - T.C.N. Reached 100,000+ Referral Agents
12/09/2011 - T.C.N. Reached 150,000+ Referral Agents
12/12/2011 - T.C.N. THIS IS A BIG T.C.N. WEEK - SEE BELOW
12/23/2011 - T.C.N. 1st VIP Referral Agent Pay Day
12/30/2011 - T.C.N. VIP Referral Agent Pay Day
01/01/2012 - T.C.N. Launches Free Membership Platform
01/06/2012 - T.C.N. VIP Referral Agent Pay Day
01/13/2012 - T.C.N. VIP Referral Agent Pay Day
01/16/2012 - T.C.N. Launches Merchant Advertising Platform
01/20/2012 - T.C.N. VIP Referral Agent Pay Day
01/20/2012 - T.C.N. 1st Referral Agent Payday
01/27/2012 - T.C.N. VIP Referral Agent Pay Day
01/28/2012 - T.C.N. 1st Leadership And Management Cruise*

What 3 items to expect the week of 12/12/2011?
#1 Much more information on The T.C.N. Website.
#2 Many more options in your T.C.N. Back Office.
#3 Optional VIP Benefit Packages for purchase/sale.
#4 All VIP Sales by 12/18 pay VIP Commissions on 12/23.
#5 T.C.N. Membership and Merchant Advertising Sales start in January 2012!


Network Growth is extending the $14.95 monthly price to allow many T.C.N. Referral Agents a chance to save $230 on The New and Exciting T.C.N. Video Recruiting & Lead Sales System.

QUESTIONS: Regarding the Network Growth Sales System!

Do I Have to buy this system?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! It is 100% Optional and it does not decrease or increase your compensation in anyway from the T.C.N. Compensation Plan. Except if when you use the system it produces more business.

Can I use The Network Growth T.C.N. as a feeder program to another program?

We prefer you only work T.C.N. however the answer is "yes you can" except to promote any other text company.

Can I use the Network Growth T.C.N. Sales & Recruiting System Leads to promote more than one program?

Same answer as the 1st question "yes you can" as long as it is not any other text program.

NOTE: Network Growth plans on doing many additional videos about T.C.N. and will all be available to you in your Network Growth Sales System Back Office. Estimated at a production cost of over $100,000. producing additional Sales and Recruiting Videos; Compensation Videos; Dream Videos; Corporate Leadership Videos including the upcoming Leadership Cruise.

QUESTIONS: Regarding VIP Referral Agent(s)!

What is the difference between a Referral Agent and a VIP Referral Agent?

A VIP Referral Agent has sold or purchased at least one Text Advertising Package. One sale equals 12 months of VIP Referral Agent Status.

Do I have to become a VIP Referral Agent or buy or sell anything in order to earn any of the maximum compensation noted on The T.C.N. Website example?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! The maximum compensation noted on the front page of The T.C.N. Referral Agent's Website comes from only 1 of the 2 streams of income available to the Referral Agents and also to VIP Referral Agents. The 2nd stream of income being from part of The Power-Line.

2012 + TCN + YOU = SUCCESS

Dear Charles O.O Aladesiun

Let's keep this message simple in 2012. With help from above we will build something that will be paying agents into the next generation. Stay focused and help TCN build one of the giants in the advertising industry.

How does something so simple produce so much?
2012 is upon us! Set your Goals and Dream Big!

Text Cash Network is as simple as it gets.
How can a FREE Model create so much money?
Who is paying? Where is the money coming from?
It all comes down to one word. ADVERTISING!!!
Even in the 30's to the 60's it was in the mega millions.
From Radio, TV, Internet, Social Media to Cell Phones.
The market just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
It has grown from millions to almost a trillion dollars.
TCN will capture a small % just a few of the billions.
TCN will funnel 2/3rds of the billions to it's agents.

TCN's one product is to GET THE WORD OUT!
Get the word out to TCN Free Members/Agents!
We are building a super pipeline of consumers!
Merchants will pay billions to access the pipeline!

TCN's #1 Asset is our Agents/Members
TCN's #1 Source of Revenue is Advertising
TCN's #1 Customers are Traditional Businesses

Free Referral Agents can earn 3 of the 12 incomes
#1 Power Grid
#2 Power Line
#3 Power Direct

VIP Referral Agents can earn 12 of the 12 incomes
#1 Power Grid
#2 Power Line
#3 Power Direct
#4 Power Share
#5 Power Matrix
#6 Power Grid Plus
#7 Power Grid Match
#8 Power Line Match
#9 Power Share Match
#10 Power Matrix Match
#11 Power Grid Plus Match
#12 Power Rewards

Click here and spend 10 minutes understanding the word "ADVERTISING". Since 4000 BC to Right Now - Right Here - We are at the right place and time! Read this from top to bottom and you will understand just how big it is.
Note the end of paragraph #1 "TEXT MESSAGING"

A friend of mine told me that a man use to tell his team of 250,000 agents that their goal was to do in business what his competition spends in advertising. The man's name was Rich Devos, Amway Founder. At the time he was talking about Proctor and Gamble. Last year Proctor and Gamble spent 8.6 Billion in Advertising! They say next year will be over 10 Billion.

Referral Agents and VIP Referral Agents you only need to help TCN do just one thing. Help us build the pipeline which is the member database.

TCN will do all the rest.

Merry Christmas
Gene Johnson
Communication Director
Text Cash Network Inc

Advertising is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to continue or take some new action. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering, although political and ideological advertising is also common. The purpose of advertising may also be to reassure employees or shareholders that a company is viable or successful. Advertising messages are usually paid for by sponsors and viewed via various traditional media; including mass media such as newspaper, magazines, television commercial, radio advertisement, outdoor advertising or direct mail; or new media such as websites and text messages.

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