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Saturday, 31 December 2011 By Charlly

What Is Payza ?
               It is an internet payment service allowing you to securely and quickly send and receive money online.It can also be described as an online payment service providing company that is based in Canada.
    Payza was funded in 2004 in Montreal,Quebec,Canada,with a mission to simplify instant transactions between individuals and online businesses.This online payment service providing company is quickly becoming one of the world's leading online payment platforms,trusted by people in over 190 countries across the globe.
   Simple to set-up and with over eight thousand new users signing up on a daily basis.Payza has emerged as one of the safest and most convenient all-in-one solutions for your online payment requirements.It is insured by Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Canada and United State of America.

     Whether you're a business owner sending out money or simply doing a bit of online shopping,Payza is the quickest,safest and most reliable way to make and accept payments,within seconds,from just about anywhere in the world.With security and exceptional customer service that's second to none,backed by a multi-lingual support team of over 100 employees in both Canada and India,you can be rest assured your money will get from point A to Point B,with one of the safest and smartest ways to pay and get paid.

Always keeping your personal information secure and safeguarded with SSL - encryption coding and built - in fraud protection system.Payza supports 22 currencies and provides localized banking in 44 countries,offering a truly flexible way to send and receive money worldwide and hassle - free.
   This means,you can fund and withdraw money from your  Payza account directly using your local bank accounts and currency.The list of the 22 currencies Payza currently supports are :

                       In Europe

1.Bulgarian Lev
2.Czech Koruna
3.Danish Krone
5.Hungarian Forint
6.Lithuanian Litas
7.Norwegian Krone
8.Polish Zloty
9.Pounds Sterling
10.Romanian Lei
11.Swedish Krona
12.Swiss Francs
13.Macedonian Denar

                          North America

14.Canadian Dollars
15.American Dollars


16.Indian Rupee
17.Hong Kong Dollars
18.Malaysian Ringgit
19.Singapore Dollars


20.Australian Dollars
21.New Zealand Dolars


22.South African Rand

                      Meaning,you can only withdraw your money out using only South Africa Currency if you are looking for the currency Payza is supporting in Africa.They did promised to add Naira to the list very soon.

    And list of the 44 countries whose banks they support are :

6.Czech Republic
9.Faroe Islands
12.French Guiana
18.Hong Kong
28.New Zealand
34.San Marino
37.South Africa
41.St. Pierre and Miquelon
42.United States
43.United Kingdom

        Office Address of this Online Payment Service are :


       8255 Mountain Sights,Suite 100
       Montreal,Quebec,H4P 2B5


      306 Sigma IT Park
      Navi Mumbai,Maharashtra,
      India - 400705.

      That is all regarding what Payza is.Next thing,i am going to explain is :

       How To Create Payza Account.

                To have an account with Payza,you need to register for it.Click the " Sign Up " link below to register now.

Sign Up.

 As soon as you have clicked the link,you will be taken to the  Payza site.Search and click on " Sign Up For Free " link.Fill the form that comes up by choosing your country of residence and type of account you want to create.

    There are three types of account on Payza  and they are :

 1.Personal Starter Account : This type of account on Payza is free to open or create and all transactions on it are also free.You won't pay any fee whenever you send money out or receive payment from another account.This type of account is limited to receiving maximum of $400 in a month and $2000 lifetime.This means,if the money that entered or got into  your account exceed $400 in a month,it will be upgraded to the next type of account which is Personal Pro.To remain a Personal Starter Account user and avoid transaction fees,you need to make sure what comes into your account in a single month doesn't exceed $400.The maximum money that can get into the account in a lifetime is $2000.Once you had crossed that,the account will be automatically upgraded.
    Another thing to know about this account is,you cannot receive money from Credit Card but sending and receiving money are totally free,no charges unless you cross the limit of $400 in a month or $2000 lifetime.

 2.Personal Pro : This type of account is also free to have or create.It is ideal for those who are receiving money regularly and wants all the Payza options opened or available to them.Just like " Personal Starter Account " ,sending money out is totally free but you will be charged 2.5% + $0.25 of whatever amount that comes into your account.Receiving money is not free.If you are to receive $50,you will be charged $1.5 for it and it will be deducted from the $50.The total balance that will reflect in your account will be $48.50.
     You can receive money from Credit Card if you are using this type of account but you will be charged 4.90% + $0.25 of whatever amount you are getting in.For $50,you will be charged $
2.7.So,you will be getting $47.30 as the total money available to you.There is no limit regarding the amount of money that can come or enter your account.

 3.Business Account : This is also free to create and is the best suited for businesses that want Payment Systems in tight integration with their websites and who handle multiple business entities.Sending money out is also free but you will be charged 2.5% + $0.25 of whatever amount of money that comes into your account.You are entitled to all Payza options or features which includes : receiving money from credit Card but you will be charged 4.90 % + $0.25.

                      From the three accounts,choose the one that you will be okay for you and click " Next Step ' link.the next registration page will show up and you will need to fill your information like Full Name,Address,E-Mail you want to use,Transaction Pin,Password etc.On getting to the box where you need to enter your phone number,you need to exclude the first number which is zero.You will see your country's code in front of the box,all you need to do is enter the number in international format,i mean the way it should be if someone outside your country is calling you.If there is a mistake with this,you may not get the text message that is required to verify your account if you are going to move for Phone Number Verification.If you are from Nigeria,the phone number should be " 8033670189 ".

  Note This :

       When signing up for any Online Payment Account,make sure you are using a new e-mail address.Do not use the one you are using for other programs or sites.The e-mail must be for online payment account only.If you make a mistake of using the same email for other programs,you are running the risk of loosing your account to online hackers ( thieves,robbers ). It will be so easy for them to get your login details like Password,Transaction Pin.
          Do take note of the E-mail,Transaction Pin,Password,Security Question and Answer,you will always need them and do not give them out to anyone or site.If anyone wants to pay you money,all they need to get from you is the e-mail address you used to registered or signed up for the account.The e-mail is your account number.You won't be required to include your password.
     When you are through with the registration form,submit it and open the email address you used to sign up for the account.Search for a message from Payza which will contain an ' Activation Link ". You must click on the link to activate your account.You need to do this in order to show you are the true owner of the email.Once you had done that,your account is ready to be receiving and sending money out,if you signed up for " Personal Starter or Personal Pro Account " .You must verify your account if you signed up for " Business Account " before you can send and receive money.
    Even though,you have the access of sending and receiving money as a Personal Starter or Personal Pro account holder,your account still needs to be verified for you to have access to the whole options or features that Payza is providing.Having a verified account will also give your account the maximum security or protection.

         How To Verify Your Payza Account.

               Back then in 2004 when Payza was still a new Online Payment Processor,they gave account holders the option of verifying their account simply by submitting their phone number in order to get a code which will come as a " Text Message " or call.Once they had  entered it in the verification page or box,the account will be verified.As of today,that option is no more available.You need to pass through another verification process if you intend to use your phone number as verification method.

     Below are the full methods of verification opened to all account holders ;

1.Bank Transfer / Wire Deposit -
Add a bank account for bank transfer or bank wire (SWIFT). *If performing a bank wire (SWIFT) deposit, the Payza deposit fee will be waived.

2.Credit Card Validation.

3.Phone Validation and Check Withdrawal.

    These are the verification method available to all account holders with Payza for now.Choose the one you think will be easier for you.

My advice :

    If you are from Nigeria,go to  it is a site that is selling all kind of Virtual Credit Card including Payza Verification Credit Card.There is one that can verify all Online payment accounts and also verify Google,Amazon etc.You can call the owner on 08037917017,08080607248,ask some questions to confirm they are real and also ask how to get and use the card.I trust the owner of the site for i have used their services some months back and they are fast in responding to customers queries.You can do your own investigation.
      Luckily for me,my Payza was verified when we were still allowed to use only phone number verification.I see the option of using Credit Card as the fastest way right now,to get one's account verified.
                                If you are moving for Bank Wire Option,you need to have at least N10,000 in order to meet the minimum of $50 Bank Wire Transaction,Payza wants.Like i did mentioned earlier,you do not need your account verified before you can get money into and out of your account if you are not using Business Account.You can still use the available feature as a newbie and maybe as time goes on,get the account verified.
   As for those residing outside Nigeria,check site is also selling Payza Verification Virtual Cards and you can also get the one that can work for both  Payza and Paypal.The cost for that is $20.I have been monitoring the site for more than a year now and it looks good.

                Funding Your Account

        Personally,i prefer using online ecurrency Exchangers.They are fast but risky.Once you are able to come across a trusted one,then you won't have ant problem.For those residing in Nigeria,you should use :

1 Bestnairaexchange  ( )  -  This is the one i am using.The owner is a friendly person and attends to orders fast.If you are buying Payza from the site,the rate is N190 per One Payza Dollar.Others exchangers are charging N200 per one. - This is another exchanger whose service i have used before.The owner is also offering a fast service.The rate per one Payza is N195.

        These are the two i have used before and can give assurance on.Make sure you call them first and ask if you can get your order attended to,on time.There maybe time when they will be having lot of order and may not be able to accept another.Their phone numbers are available on their sites.

       If you are residing outside Nigeria,you should consider using your local exchanger,i mean the one from your country.Just go to Google and type " Buy Payza in ( Your Country ) ", choose the one that looks good from the options that showed up.
            You can as well check these ones out if you are not getting exchangers from your country :



3. - This is the best one among them all.You will get your order attended to,the same day you asked for it and there are plenty of options to use in sending money to them.

                  If you don't want to use ecurrency Exchangers,the options available are :

 1.Payza Prepaid Card - This is the card that Payza is issuing out to their customers.If you are qualified to get the card,you can use it to always fund your account.There is no charge for using  this card on all three types of account that Payza is having.

2. Money Order - You can use this method to also fund your account and it is totally free,no transaction fee involved.

3.Bank Wire - This is another method you can use to fund your account.The cost of using this method on all three types of account is $20.

4.Check - Using check to fund your account is also free,no transaction fee involved.

     Withdrawing Money Out of Your Payza Account :
         I am using the above Exchangers in Nigeria whenever i wants to get money out of my Payza account.All i need to do is call the exchanger and ask if i can send the money to his Payza account and get the money exchanged or equivalent of it,is paid to my bank account that same day.

 Bestnairaexchange ( ) is my number one exchanger when it comes to cashing out the money in my  Payza account.Like i mentioned earlier,its services are quite fast.Anytime there is money i want to withdraw out,i use to sell it to this exchanger by sending it to his Payza account through his Payza e-mail which i have on me.As soon as he had confirmed the payment,he will calculate the equivalent in Naira,which is Nigeria currency and make the payment into my bank account.I always get my money the same day,i send it to him.No delay of any kind.The fact is,you must call him first and ask if you can sell your Payza dollars to him and get the money that same day.You need to do this too,if you are buying Payza Dollars from him and all other exchangers.You need to ask first,if you can get the account funded the same day you paid for it.If you in Nigeria and loves to use this exchanger,go to the above address,register for an account with the site,activate your account by clicking the activation link sent to the email you used to sign up and then sign in to the site,verify your account by submitting an uploaded copy of your Passport photograph,Driving Licence or International Passport and any Utility bill like Water bill,Electricity bill etc.If you can't get all the required documents,tell the exchanger,Charlly007 referred you to his services.He will allow you to use his services without doing the verification thing.

   I mentioned earlier that you must always call him first,before you make any payment.The phone numbers you can call him on are :



                This exchanger is buying Payza dollars at the rate of N155 per one.Once he had confirmed the payment in his Payza account,he will send the money to your account through the use of his laptop.It will be much faster if you are using GTBank or Oceanic bank

   Other exchangers you can use in Nigeria are ;



   Those outside Nigeria can use :





   These exchangers may not send the money to you the same day you send the Payza money to them because some will verify the authenticity of the money to know if it is not a stolen one in order to avoid having problem with Payza.The maximum wait you may have to do is seven days.
      You can as well use these exchangers to change the Payza money to Paypal,Libertyreserve etc.

    Other ways you can get your money out without using exchangers are :

 i.Payza Prepaid Card - You can withdraw your money out by using the main card from Payza.The cost of using this  method for all account is $1.

ii.Credit Card - You can use Credit Card as well to get your money out and the cost for all account is $5.

iii.Check - Using Check is totally free.

     If you are dealing with money above $200,i will advice you,not to use exchangers.Use any of these three methods.Do not forget,you can use your bank account for both withdrawing and depositing or funding if your country is among those whose banks  Payza is supporting at the moment.

   How To Keep It Save and Prevent Loosing Money To Online Hackers.

 I mentioned earlier that you must use a separate email for all your Online Payment Accounts,it must not be the same with other programs or sites.This is the number one way of protecting one's account.If you want to have an account with Payza,Paypal,Libertyreserve,Perfectmoney,Okpay,Webmoney etc, make sure the email you used for them is never shared with other sites and use a different Password for the email ( it must not be the same with other password you used for other emails ) and the Payza,paypal etc account must have a separate passwords as well.Keep all information about them away from another party,not even your close relatives.they may not steal your money but can get careless with your login information.

  The Complete List of How To Safeguard Your Online Payment Accounts Are :

1. Use separate email and passwords for all your Online Payment Accounts ( if you want to use,let it be what you will use for all your Online Payment Accounts and don't use this same email for other sites ).

2. Keep all Login Information safe,away from other party.

3.Never safe your Account Information in your email or laptop.

 4.Be very careful with how you give your account e-mail out.Give it to only those who wants to pay you money.They only need your email which is your Account number with Payza and not your password.

 5.In case of Payza and Paypal,link two e-mail to it .Make one of them your Primary e-mail and the other one,the email you will be giving out to those that wants to pay you money. The primary e-mail will be the one that will be receiving all the alerts from Payza and Paypal.Alerts like when you got paid,send money out or any news from the Payza site.The other email will be the one you will give out to anyone that wants to pay you money.You won't need to check the email because both Payza and Paypal won't interact with you through it.If there is any message,it will be from those looking for accounts email to hack.You need to avoid them.

6.Do not click on any link send to your email that requires you to submit your password or log in information or that says " Your Account Had Expired ".They are hackers work,do avoid them all.

            Example of such message are :

                  Dear Yahoo User,

 You are advised to verify your account details by following the reference below to enable us update your account. In failure of doing this, you will could Automatically lose your Yahoo Mail Account.Verify

 Thanks for using Yahoo Mail
Upon confirmation of information from you, we will manually verify your Yahoo! Account and reserve it not to be deleted, We are sorry for any inconveniences



 RefID: ma-1017709


                 Congratulations your email Id
Has won the apple lottery
Download for more information
on how to claim
1 Attached files
| 108KB

7.All Online Payment Accounts you registered with,will always address you by your names because they know you.Avoid any messages that does not address or start with your name.

      Example of a real message is :

utomated email, please do not reply   

Dear Oluwaseun Oluwasina Charles Aladesiun,

You've got cash!

 raj misra (XXXXXXXXXXXXX) just sent you money through Payza.
Payment Details
Date: April 28, 2011 2:15:49 AM
Amount Sent: $2.38 USD
Sender Name: r
Sender Email:
Reference Number: HHKJ-OOOOO-OOOOO

 View the details of this transaction by logging into your Payza account.
 Thanks for choosing Payza,
 The Payza Team  

          Example of a fake one is :

    Dear Yahoo User,

 You are advised to verify your account details by following the reference below to enable us update your account. In failure of doing this, you will could Automatically lose your Yahoo Mail Account.Verify

 Thanks for using Yahoo Mail

Upon confirmation of information from you, we will manually verify your Yahoo! Account and reserve it not to be deleted, We are sorry for any inconveniences


 RefID: ma-1017709

   You can see the difference.

8.Be extra careful with delaings with High Yield Investment Programs ( HYIPs ),they are the ones that mostly sends scam messages to hack your account.On forum sites,especially paying ones,your payment account details you used on them are opened to everyone to see,many are targeting that to hack accounts.You need to be careful with what you use on those sites.

9.Take time to study how each Online Payment Account's site you are using looks like in order to detect on time whenever you land on a fake one.

10.Study carefully what you usually do,what you enter whenever you want to check your accounts in order to avoid giving your details to a fake site.I am mostly referring to

 11.Make use of the Security each account's sites are offering their members.In case of Libertyreserve,enable IP Security in your account.Your Password,Transaction Pin,Security Question and Answer are your security on Payza,keep them only to yourself.

  Why It Is The Safest Method Of Payment On Net.

        Payza is the safest method of payment online because  :

 i.You can get your money back if you are scammed online or someone you made payment to,did not fulfill what he or she promise to do.This is the best protection for users of Payza and should be emulated by others.
       This does not mean you should start throwing money away as you like,you need to protect yourself too.You can't expect Payza to do all.The fact is,not all payment you had made can be reversed back,you still need a bit of luck.
  If you are dealing with HYIP sites,do not set your mind to recovering your money back if they close down because there is a little chance of meeting money in the accounts of those HYIPs,they must have move them out before Payza can react.If Payza can't get the money in their account,there is nothing else they can do.I was able to get my money back when i got scammed by a Nigerian ecurrency exchanger - within two weeks because it wasn't HYIP and i acted on time.

     Whenever you feel you had been scammed,alert Payza about it by submitting " Payment Dispute " . Immediately they get the message,the person's account you are reporting will be locked.He or she won't be able to send money out until the issue had been resolved.You need to know too that,you must submit the dispute within thirty ( 30 ) days of the transaction.

            To do this :
Login to your Payza account and click on “ Profile “
Select “Transaction Dispute” from the list of departments and fill out the following information:

• Your full name.
• The email address you used for disputed transaction.
• Seller/recipient email.
• Seller website URL.
• The Reference Number for the disputed transaction. Please include the reason for the dispute, a detailed explanation of the issue, and any proof that might influence the outcome of the dispute, such as screenshots, tracking numbers, etc….

        And send them to Payza.They will review your case and get in touch with the person you reported to explain his or her own side.They will give him some days to do this.If there is no response,the money will be removed from the person’s account and transferred to yours.

                         That is all about the payment dispute.

 ii.I rate Payza as the safest and best payment processor because almost all country can use their services.there is no IP ban like the case of Paypal.

iii.You can use your account as many time as you like without the fear of getting limited like it is happening on Paypal.

iv.No Transaction fee of any kind if you are using Personal Starter Account.

                       Payza will always be my number one online payment method.Everything about it are quite simple.You need to know this,you cannot send money that is less than $1.This is their rule.

     Hope you are able to understand the above messages and you are convinced that Payza is the best.If you are not aware of the earning potential the site is having for members,know it now that you can earn money by referring people to sign up through your referral link.

           Yes,you can earn money as an holder of an account with this Online payment processor.All you have to do is use the referral link or code that you will find in your account to refer new users.

        This is a statement from Payza about this :

 “ Earn money with Payza! Each time you refer someone to Payza, you could earn up to $10.00 USD. The more people you bring to Payza, the more we will reward you. Helping you earn more money -- think of this as our way of saying thank you “.
       I don’t think there is any other Online Payment Processor that is giving out this kind of opportunities to its members or users.I am sure you will be satisfy with their services if you decide to sign up now.

Less i forget,you will need to enter your Transaction Pin every time you are sending out money from your account,so keep that safe.That will be all for now,if you need any help,feel free to get in touch by posting your comment on this site.

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