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Tuesday, 22 November 2011 By Charlly

  This may look funny to you as a newbie when it comes to earning money online but it is true.You can make good money listening to songs online.It is free,nothing to pay for,no upgrading needed.You only need to listen and you will be paid.There are few sites that will pay you to listen to songs and also allows all country to sign up.Maybe as time goes on,more will come up.

        The sites that i am going to talk about here are :

1. Musicxray

2. 977music

                  These two are the best sites that you can make money from for free by listening to songs and radio on them.Both has different way of earning from them.I will explain that now.

                       This site will be paying you money to listen and rate songs.This means,after listening to the song,you have to rate it and write whatever you think about it.As soon as you are done,the money for that will be credited to your account.
  You need to know that,it is not every time you will be getting songs to work on,all you need to do is make sure you are checking the email you used to sign up everyday.Anytime there is song for you to listen to and rate,a message which will act as an alert will be send to the email.Do click on the link to the site,log in,listen to the song,rate it and click on submit link.
       If you delay the song,it will expire and will be moved to another member.Each song has the time you can listen to it.Some will expire after 24 hours,33 hours,7 hours etc.So,you need to be checking every time to avoid missing the songs.
     The songs you will be working on are new and they are from artists or musicians who wants to know how people will take them,feel about them or are the songs good enough to be released out.Your rating and comment will help the artist in deciding whether there is nothing to change or add to the song.So,your comment and rating is valuable.You need to always come up with a deserved rating and comment.

         Do know,you cannot fast forward the songs,you must listen to it from beginning to the end.The rating and submit link won't be active or clickable until you have played the song.The money you will be getting depends on the number of songs you had rated.


                 The plans are :

1. Casual Fan - $0.05

             This is your status when you first signed up.The amount of money you will be getting for each song you work on will be $0.05 / 5cents.

2. Recruiter - $0.07

          You will acquire this status if you are able to bring one person to sign up to the site through your referral link.You only need one person and the money you will be getting for each song you rate as a Recruiter will be $0.07 / 7cents.

3. Music Fan - $0.12

             You will be getting $0.12 / 12cents as a Music Fan after you had worked on five songs.

4. Engaged Fan - $0.17

           You will be paid $0.17 / 17cents as an Engaged Fan after you had listened to and rated Ten songs.

5. A & R Scout - $0.22

           You will be A & R Scout which will be earning you $0.22 / 22cents after you had worked on twenty songs.

6. A & R Executive - $0.27

           You need to have listened to and rated forty songs to get this status and be paid $0.27 / 27cents per song rated.

7. Label President - $0.32

           You will get this status after you had worked on fifty songs and you will be earning $0.32 / 32cents.

8. Music Mogul - $0.37

            You will also get this status after rating seventy - five ( 75 ) songs and will be earning $0.37 / 37cents.

9. Music Mogul Elite - $0.42

            You must have rated one hundred ( 100 ) songs before you can be a Music Mogul Elite and you will be earning $0.42 / 42cents per song you worked on.

10. Executive Recruiter - $0.05

                Executive Recruiter is a bonus status which you can get after you had invited ten ( 10 ) people to sign up to the site through your referral link.You can get this status anytime,any day.It doesn't matter if you had rated any song at all,what you need to do is recruit ten people through your referral link to the site.As soon as this is done,extra $0.05 / 5cents will be added to the amount of money you are getting for the song rated.

  The above are the status or badges and earnings you will be getting if you are actively working on the site.As soon as you have $20 in your account on the site,you can ask for payment and it will be paid to your Paypal account.
        Like i mentioned earlier,the site is free to join and make money.All country are welcome.

                                                           Register Now


        This one is totally different from Musicxray,what you will be doing on this site will be listening to a Radio Station.You don't need to be checking your email or rate any song,it is listen and listen to songs.Once you had registered,go to the site ,search for the song or artist you love,add it to your favorite or playlist and start listening to it.
           Listening  to the song which is a non - stop will be earning you Points which will be converted to Raw Cash later on.You can play the songs on this site anytime, any day and it is not necessary you hear them.You can play and work on another site.Do leave the Music Player on.
   The more you play,the more your Points.You do need to know that the owner of the site is against excessive activities to gain points especially listening to songs.The maximum points you must have in a day through plying the songs on the site is 1,440.You can earn more than this in a day but it must not be mainly from playing the songs on the site.If you go against  this rule,your account will be suspended automatically.I will advice,you set the points you can earn from listening to songs on the site in a day to Eight Hundred ( 800 ). Let your other points come from other activities. You can work towards getting Ten Thousand ( 10,000 ) Points in a day through other activities apart from listening to songs,this won't affect your account.

        The other activities that can earn you more points are :

1. Share the site with friends and tell them to sign up through your referral link.As soon as they had signed up,you will be credited with 500 Points.

2. You earn points when you add or other member of the site add you as friend.

3. You will earn points if you post a comment on the site or on other member's or friend's profile. Do not try to earn points by posting useless posts or comments.Doing this will get your account deleted.

4. Creating a Blog Entry which must be of value will also earn you points.

5. You will earn more points when your profile is rated by getting Hot or Not Hot votes.

             All these are some of the ways you can earn points on the site.

From the above explanation on how to earn Points,you can see the site can also be called a Social Site.The good thing is,it is free and easy to use.
      As for payment for your activities or Points,you will be paid through Visa Gift Card which you can use to buy anything online or even fund your online accounts like Paypal.You can convert the Card to Cash.

     Below are the numbers of points you must have and the amount of money and prizes you will get :

1. 100,000 Points For 977 Music Guitar Shaped Bottle Opener

2. 200,000 Points For 977 Music Mouse Pad

3. 300,000 Points For 977 Music T - Shirt.

4. 350,000 Points For $25 Gift Card.

5. 600,000 Points For $25 Visa Gift Card

6. 700,000 Points For $50 Visa Gift Card.

7. 800,000 Points For $100 Gift E - Card To Tickets Now.

8. 1,000,000 Points For Nintendo Wii Video Game System.

9. 1,200,000 Points For $200 Visa Gift Card.

10. 1,400,000 Points For $300 Visa Gift Card

11.1,600,000 Points For $400 Visa Gift Card.

12. 1,800,000 Points For One Round Trip Airfare up to $500.

13. 2,000,000 Points For $1,000 Visa Gift Card.

             You may be thinking the points for each prize is too much,you need to know you are being paid for entertaining yourself by listening to Songs and Radio.It is the easiest way to make money online.If you are actively using the site,you can reach your target within two months.

            Just like the other site,it is completely free.No upgrading needed.It is a paying site and it is having  forum where you can read what other member had to say about it and also post what you think about it or ask for help whenever you need one.

                                                                       Join Here.

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